Seniors 16 June 2017



A trip down to  Brighton on a warm summer’s evening is always something everyone likes to do. So far as Water Polo is concerned though,  Crawley were on a mission to get back some pride after two losses to Brighton in 2016, which really shouldn’t have happened, but for some curious referee decisions and foul play on Brighton’s behalf being the downfall. You could say that fixtures against Brighton have become a ‘grudge match’, such is their pride in beating Crawley. However, after a slow start from the Crawley, losing 4-0 in the early stages of the first half, they managed to pull the score back to 4 -4 by the end. Good goals coming from Tom kane when he finally got his eye –in ! Progress was steady in the second and Brighton reverted to their usual tactics of trying to upset Crawley’s more dangerous players, but having been warned several times, by the referee’s , and getting their own player’s yellow carded, cooled just a touch, although anyone spectating or involved could have suddenly been forgiven hearing that famous Glen Frey song ring out, ‘the heat is on’ Brighton were not going to lie down quietly . In the third quarter, Crawley defended their deep end side of the pool well and their plan, driven by their Captain Richard Woodman, to hold and’ attack’ only if necessary, worked out well. By the final quarter, Brighton were becoming increasingly frustrated with Crawley , but  Crawley were clever in that they wound down the clock, so to speak, once ahead, by just keeping hold of the ball, gaining revenge and making it 3 wins from 3 in this League in 2017.A Riotous outburst from Crawley at the final whistle showed what it meant to their team, after another tough match.


TEAM : Richard Woodman [CAPT], Andy Hepworth, James and Matt O’Dell, Freddie Gover, Elliot Hurst, Barry Hurst, William Algar,Stefan Alin Berechet, Tom Kane, Tim Mc Carthy

GOALS : Tom Kane, Richard Woodman, James and Matt O’Dell


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